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Service Fabric skeleton service

2021-01-04 3 min read Development
Taken from to conserve and update as needed as could not find it when I went looking for it. On Service fabric, you can either create ASP.NET Core API service or worker process. I’m going to create a worker service today Visual Studio Template Skeleton Right click on ServiceFabric project > Create a new Service Fabric service Choose “Stateless Service” for worker service, as Stateful is the new evil in cloud era. Continue reading

Changing the commit author

2020-10-14 1 min read Development
So, you made some commits and then realise you used the wrong author and email address. No problem, use the following command to update them all and then you can push with consistent happiness. This assumes you are doing this in PowerShell, if in bash you may need to escape the quotes differently. The GIT commit id is the one before the commits with the wrong author. For the Author use the format name <email@address. Continue reading

Auto Update Git Aliases

2019-04-02 2 min read Development
Because I am lazy I wrote a script so I can update all my machines from the one location which is the gist below. This works in powershell core. Again this is mostly for me but feel free to use as needed. Update your $profile to have th following environment variable set. This will allows the wid and pid aliases to work correctly. $env:GIT_PERSONAL_EMAIL = "" $env:GIT_PERSONAL_USERNAME = "myname" $env:GIT_WORK_EMAIL = "work@work. Continue reading

Using git aliases part two

2019-03-28 1 min read Development
This is a update to Using git aliases. A few extra commands and a bit of a cleanup. ~I should move it to a gist at some point.~ Update: Moved the contents to a gist.

Using PowerShell core in Visual Studio Code on windows

2019-03-15 1 min read Development
This is more for me than anyone else. If you want to move to PowerShell core in Visual Studio Code then do the following. Press CTRL + , to open settings. Enter Shell: Windows in the search box. Scroll down to Terminal > Integrated > Shell: Windows Click on ‘Edit in settings.json’ and add the following. “”: “C:/Users/${env:USERNAME}/scoop/apps/pwsh/current/pwsh.exe”, “”: “C:/Users/${env:USERNAME}/scoop/apps/pwsh/current/pwsh.exe”, Now when the terminal is opened it will be using PowerShell Core. Continue reading

Using git aliases

2019-01-17 4 min read Development
I work with git for home and work project, I recently found you can use alias across all platforms due to the way it runs on windows. So all these aliases will work happily on git for windows and hopefully will make you work day more streamlined. Some are from sites I have found and other I have created myself. To access the global git configuration run the following command and then add this to the bottom if you do not have a alias section already. Continue reading
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