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Minecraft Mod Idea #284

2013-09-24 2 min read Gaming
It would be nice to have items sorted in chests, I have set it up with pipes before but as I am playing in Hexxit at the moment, I want a more ‘magical’ way for this to happen. What I am thinking is that you have a master chest and slave chests. The master chest is linked to the slave chests and the slave chests have the id/name of the items it automagically gets when they are put in the master chest. Continue reading

Playing Gnomoria

2013-08-31 1 min read Gaming
Harder than first thought. My stream shows my bad attempt of learning Gnomoria without looking at the help or wiki. That said once I had started wrapping my head around it I started enjoying playing Gnomoria more. You can pick it up on Steam as it is on sale at the moment. Steam Link: Wiki (Recommended):