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Running Home Assistant on Windows in Docker

2021-03-21 6 min read Home Automation
I wanted to move HA to my home server, I can run Hyper-V images as needed but most service I run these days are in Docker, so looked up how to do this for Home Assistant. Introduction This was originally taken from [Guide] Hass.IO on Windows 10 WSL2 (No more VMs!) and updated as needed for how I run it on Windows. Basically this is HASS.IO running on Docker in Windows 10 WSL2 Continue reading

New PowerShell module for Home Assistant

2018-06-07 1 min read Home Automation
So after making the PowerShell script for Home Assistant I decided to spend a hour and pull it together to be a full module and push it up to GitHub. This is now in place and support just turning a switch entity on and off. Installation Install-Module -Name PoshHomeAssistant -Scope CurrentUser Usage Before you can use it set the configuration, this can be done with the following command, set the key and url to match your environment. Continue reading

Developing Home Assistant on Windows using the Subsystem for Linux

2017-03-04 3 min read Home Automation
I love Home Assistant and use it to control my house. I run it on a Pine64 board and it handles everything. However for developing and modifying it I want to have a slightly better environment than nano and a console screen :) So using the Subsystem for Linux I have a Linux based setup to run the hass instance in and can use Visual Studio code to develop the modules as I go, best of both worlds. Continue reading

Using Microsoft Flow with Home Assistant

2016-11-03 2 min read Home Automation
Now that Microsoft Flow is out of Beta I thought I would play with it and integrate it with Home Assistant running my house. The Microsoft Flow is fairly flexible and has more flow options than IFTTT to make choices. To use this with Home Assistant I am going to use the REST API to make and set a sensor value, you can then take this and make it as complicated as you want. Continue reading

Enabling MQTT abilities in OpenHab

2015-10-25 3 min read Home Automation
Using your favorite editor in Linux or something like WinSCP we need to edit some OpenHAB configuration files. If you followed the guides on this site the configuration is located in /etc/openhab. Open up /etc/openhab/configurations/openhab.cfg to edit. If it does not exist you need to copy openhab_defaults.cfg in the same directory to openhab.cfg sudo nano /etc/openhab/configurations/openhab.cfg You need to navigate to the MQTT Transport section for transport settings. Ignore the MQTT Persistence section. Continue reading

Installing OpenHAB

2015-10-25 3 min read Home Automation
To install and run OpenHab on your Pi I am recommending you use the apt-get approach, these instructions are taken from the OpenHAB Wiki, so it may be more up to date and have additional options. I also contribute to changes in the wiki every now and then so this may get out of date but in general be correct. This page does highlight the addons needed for the guides on my site. Continue reading
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