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Filling your calendar for the week, increase productivity! Mileage may vary

2018-06-25 1 min read Productivity
I like to ensure my calendar gets filled for the next week, this way I know what is happening and it is hard to book a last minute meeting to surprise me. I guess this is a productivity hack. If you book more than a week out then you can take whatever time you want that is open. Ideally no one books last minute but they do and it is really annoying to deal with. Continue reading

MYN/1MTD and setting the Start Date in Outlook automagically.

2012-10-15 1 min read Productivity
If you are using Outlook and want to force the start date to be set with a due date in the future by default you can use a macros which automatically runs for any new task item. In the VBA editor (Alt+F11) open up ThisOutlookSession In the code window add the following: [code lang=“vb”] Option Explicit Public WithEvents Items As Outlook.Items Private Sub Application_Startup() Initialize_handler End Sub Public Sub Initialize_handler() Dim objNS As Outlook. Continue reading

Using the 1MTD

2012-07-03 1 min read Productivity
So I have been using it for a while, pretty clean system overall. I have added contexts and trying to add projects to it. I want to avoid the tree in toodle do as it gets to complext to handle at the moment.

1MTD: The One Minute To-Do List

2012-06-08 5 min read Productivity
Yep, I was intrigued. Having used the GTD approach for a while and modifying it for my own use I saw this and thought I would have a look through it. I also noticed it was using Toodledo, a site that I had used to manage task previously as it is a faster on the go version than lugging outlook around. So, what is 1MTD? Firstly you can download the eBook free, or buy it if you like paper :) I will be going through the book and providing a summary below as a way to internalize the content. Continue reading

Setting Outlook to use ISO values for week number.

2011-10-24 1 min read Productivity
If you want to set outlook to follow the ISO week you need to make the following changes: Outlook 2007 and previous Tools-> Options…-> button Calendar Options… Outlook 2010 File-> section Options-> section Calendar Set the following Options: First day of week: Monday First week of year: First 4-day week

Application Tracker

2011-09-13 1 min read Productivity
[caption id="" align=“alignright” width=“132” caption=“Photo by alancleaver_2000”] Photo by alancleaver_2000 [/caption] I have been meaning to upload this for a while. I use the Time Management App from An App A Day site. I have modified it a bit from the source, as it is GPL I have released my variation with source. It uses click once for deployment and modified the loging a bit. Go to the app tracker page to get it. Continue reading

Automating OneNote with AutoHotKey to be a Journal V1.1

2011-08-08 3 min read Productivity
Here is Version 1.1 of the script, it has some logging and I have tried to make the config simpler. I use OneNote more and more in my daily work. I wanted to have the ability to make a journal function accessible from anywhere. Goal:To be able to hit Win+J and have OneNote open the right page and date and time stamp the entry. Outcome: When I hit Win+J it opens OneNote at the right week (I have one page per week with the heading of Week 1, Week 2, …, Week 52) goes to the end of the entry and inserts a line and then makes a check box with the date and time as the value. Continue reading
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