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Obsidian Plugin Query All the Things (Qatt)

2023-06-02 1 min read Obsidian Jon
I have created a new plugin for Obsidian. It uses AlaSQL to query your data stored in Obsidian, once the data is queries you can use templates to display it how you want. There are other great solutions out there that do similar things like Dataview but I wanted a bit more customization. Head over to my repo sytone/obsidian-queryallthethings: Query all your data stored in Obsidian, this plugin allows SQL based queries against the data collections available in Obsidian and Dataview. Continue reading

Extract tasks from Obsidian vault with Github actions

2021-08-11 3 min read Obsidian

I wanted to be able to pull my tasks out of my vault as a summary view, this can open up future automation options for me. However as I use multiple devices no single place was great and if I am on my phone it makes it harder.

As I am synchronizing my vault with git I decided to use a github workflow to help me out. I have it setup to run once a hour and extract all the tasks that are visible in the Obsidian Tasks plugin. These can be found as they always have the global task tag in them. In this example I use #task, update the regex as needed.

Continue reading

Import multiple calendars to Obsidian with Power Automate

2021-06-23 1 min read Obsidian
I have a family calendar in iCloud and my personal one in Outlook. I want to have a easy way to see them in Obsidian. To enable this scenario I have used Power Automate and the Template plugin with some javascript to generate the calendar for every day and then allow it to be imported. This model could be used for anything else you may want to import into Obsidian with the bonus of it working on mobile as well. Continue reading